Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan, the Chief Executive of MRA International Ltd., was the founder and remains the leader (2013-) of the British political party Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). It was in 2013, and remains to this day, the only party in the English-speaking world which (a) advocates for the human rights of men and boys in 20+ areas, and (b) opposes the toxic ideology of feminism, a female supremacist ideology which inevitably disadvantages men and boys. The party’s latest manifesto is here.

Mike runs LPS publishing, which seeks book submissions from Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) and other anti-feminists, as well as unrelated book submissions.

He runs a number of other websites. Campaign for Merit in Business (2012-) opposes initiatives designed to increase the proportion of women on corporate boards, because of the overwhelming evidence of a causal link between appointing more women to boards and corporate financial DECLINE. Laughing at Feminists (2020-) is dedicated to the premise that feminists are laughable and ridiculous. It’s more than important to laugh at them and ridicule them, it’s a civic duty.

He hosts two weekly 90-minutes-long men-only Zoom video meetings on behalf of Regarding Men at 14:00 GMT/BST and 17:00 GMT/BST (as appropriate) on Sundays. The second meeting is for men who wish to reduce or stop drinking alcohol.

Contact details:

E: mike@j4mb.org.uk

M: 07967 026163